Las Vegas Fun

So many opportunities

Here in the desert there are abundant opportunities to get out and see your favorite musicians play their music. On any given night there could be 2 dozen bands playing from all over the world and locally. I don’t get out as much as I would like to but when I do, Vegas never disappoints!

For me it’s not always about who is playing but just the experience of getting out and immersing myself in the live music vibe. A few weeks back my friends who own , carpet cleaning las vegas, decided to randomly go out to a country music concert. Country is not my favorite genre but I decided to go anyway and just chill. Well chill we did not…too muuuuuch beer!! Yes you guessed it! I got shit faced…but so did everyone else! The band was great and had awesome energy. Totally forget who the heck was playing but we had a great time and tons of drunken fun.

Anyway so sometimes I just need a little live music to loosen me up and get me out of the dang house. I would highly recommend going to random concerts because you never know what the heck is going to happen.


Lady Gaga

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I am guess not many of you have heard of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She is an extremely popular and somewhat controversial music icon. Oh, that probably why you think you haven’t heard of her, she goes by Lady Gaga. Yup, they are one and the same. She is about 30 years old and already worth close to 300 million dollars. Not too shabby for somewhat insecure youngster.

She well known for her crazy costumes, insightful lyrics, and one of a kind personality.


What is interesting to me is how she, like so many other artists, change their name as they become big stars. I thought it would fun to see how many artists are out there they we think we know their name but it is by far their birth name. Here is a list I have put together:


  • Rihanna – her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. If i was a famous perform my stage name would be Colene (middle name), what would yours be?
  • Faith Hill – a very notable country singer whose real name is Audrey Faith Perry. Again with the middle name which is interesting. I guess that middle name is important besides when you mom uses it to make sure you realize you are in trouble.
  • Betty Who – Jessica Anne Newham. There is no rhyme or reason to this one. She is a talented young artist from Australia.
  • Prince – Prince Rogers Nelson was a music icon the world will never forget. I never knew his actually first name was Prince. His mother must have known he was going to be something special.
  • Nicki Minaj – Onika Tanya Maraj. She had such a unique name to begin with I think she should have keep it. My guess is Nicki was a nickname for Onika growing up.


The truth of the matter is that many people in the music industry change their name. Maybe think creating a new identity will improve their performance.


Music can be a tough industry to break into and if changing your name is the way to do it, then by all means go for it. Maybe I will start go by Colene to see if my luck starts to change.


Piano Lessons


The piano is one of the most common musical instruments there is. Small children everywhere have been forced to take piano lessons for centuries. Of course, this also means parents and grandparents have been forced to attend these sometimes painful recitals. In many families, piano lessons are a rite of passage. The question is where and how did the piano start?

The first piano was fashioned in Italy in the Florence region around the late 1600’s to the early 1700’s. The exact year is up for debate.

Other interesting timelines for the piano include:

  • 1725 – the piano begins to be advertised for purchase and there is now widespread interest
  • 1732 – piano music was beginning to be published
  • 1767 – Early public performances were being done including Johann Christian Bach from London
  • 1777 – the first “square” piano was constructed
  • 1780’s – Mozart enters the scene and starts creating symphonies and concertos


As the centuries went on more and more talented artists created memorable music that will be timeless. Improvements were continually made and in the 1980’s electronic keyboards became popular and common. Rock bands integrated them with their bands and with the use of computers created sounds that had never been heard before.

Music prodigies will continue to be born and some will be the same caliber of Bach and Mozart. This just goes to show how timeless the piano will always be. The shape and the materials they are made of may be altered from time to time but the concept that originated the piano will never fade. Very few things stand the test of time like music and musical instruments. Whether you take up the piano, guitar, drums, or some other musical instrument, it will enhance your quality of life. On the upside think of all the wonderful music you can create for the benefit of others to listen to.

Play on.


The history of drums


Membranophones. I bet you didn’t know this was the technical name for drums, did you? I know I didn’t. As early as humans knew how to create rhythm there were drums. There is usually some sort of membrane or skin that is stretched tight over a cylinder that is open on one end.  Drums are classified as a percussion instrument. Players usually beat on the drum with their hands or a stick of some sort. Drums are the oldest instrument known to mankind. It is probably why there are so many slang sayings involving drums.

  • To the beat of your own drum – unique
  • Beat to a different drum – going against the flow
  • Beat his own drum – praise himself

Drums are interest part of all cultures. Some interesting facts about drums include:

  • Before the 20th Century a different person played each part of the drums, i.e. one person on snare, one a cymbals, etc.
  • Drums are what set the rhythm for a band
  • Drum set typically have a bass, snare, 2 toms, and a floor tom
  • People who play the drums usually use both arms and both legs to get the sound they desire. Talk about a full body workout. It is actually one of the best cardio workouts you can get especially if you are playing a concert that lasts a couple of hours

Drums are such an integral part of so many cultures that they are even used to communicate over distances.  Drums are also used in many religious ceremonies.

Drums were originally made with animal skins. With the evolution of man, they developed a way to make them out of plastic. Many drummers still prefer the sound that the skins make over the plastic or synthetic material.

If you feel like making a tune you may not even need a drum. Some folks have discovered a way to make magic with buckets or other items. No matter what you use to create your beat, just keep drumming.

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